The top 5 universities to study in the Netherlands

Netherland is a country that becomes one of the most popular destination people to study abroad in Europe. Commonly, people are choosing Netherland as a destination to study abroad due to the ample choice of the world’s leading universities that taught in English. In addition, based on Times Higher Education’s World Universities Ranking 2019, there are 13 universities in the Netherlands that include in the top 250. The best school and college are spread among popular 12 cities in the Netherlands and Amsterdam has the two top universities. Those universities could be the choice to study in the Netherlands for Indonesian and other international students.

  1. The Delft University of Technology. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is a university that largest and oldest public technical university, to study in the Netherlands for Indonesian. This is a university that first established as a royal academy for civil engineers, partly to educate the civil servants that will work for Dutch East India Company.  There are about 17.000 students learn in this university and 25% from them are international students.
  2. Wageningen University and Research. This is the university that specialist focus in environmental and agricultural services. Wageningen University and Research are one of the best social and life sciences institution in the world. There are about 40 undergraduate level and postgraduate program that taught solely in English. There are about 20% of their students are international students.
  3. The University of Amsterdam. This is a university that 3rd oldest university in Netherland. Established in 1632, the university has about 23.000 students which make this university has the largest students in Netherland. The University of Amsterdam is highly well-known for arts and humanities program and social life sciences. There is 150 degrees level that offered taught in English that attract around 3000 international students from 100 different countries. The University of Amsterdam is one of Europe’s largest research universities.
  4. Leiden University. Leiden University is the oldest university in Netherland as it established in 1575. The campus originated to maintain the Ditch member royal families who attend as students. There are many leaders and politicians that educated in this university. There are more than 200 degrees that offered taught in English available in undergraduate level and the postgraduate level.
  5. Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Erasmus University Rotterdam is the public university that named after the 15th-century Theologian and Humanist scientist Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus. The University has 7 faculties that focus into 4 main areas: governance, culture, health and wealth.

As more a lot of international students and Indonesian are interested to study in the Netherlands, there are a number of degrees that taught in English increased.

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