German Scholarships to Study German Literature in Germany

Germany is one of the most powerful European countries. This country has very influencing politics, economy, and culture. Some sources even mentioned that the German Language is one of 12 most commonly used languages in the world. It is because there are some other countries besides Germany itself which use the German Language as their daily language. Such as Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria. This makes the appearance of many German companies in various countries in the world. Learning German Literature will give you the opportunity to work at those German companies. For you who wish to be able to study German Literature in German Universities, here are some German scholarships that you can take.

  1. The first is DAAD Scholarship. DAAD Scholarship is the most popular German scholarship since it offers the most wide types of scholarships which are funded by the government of Germany. Moreover, this German scholarship also provides a database that is easy to access.
  2. The next German scholarship is Erasmus. International college students from Europe are able to register for Erasmus scholarship. Funded by the European Commission, Erasmus offers to fund for a living cost when they are chosen for a student exchange program in the European countries. Germany is one of the most popular countries for college students who register for Erasmus Scholarship.
  3. For both domestic and international students, they are able to register for Heinrich Boll Scholarship that is funded by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. They are able to register for a bachelor degree, master degree, doctoral degree. There are 2 registration chances within a year for this Heinrich Boll Scholarship.
  4. International students who have many achievements and fulfill the requirements will be able to register for Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship. With this Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship, international college students will get €300 per month. Depending on public-private collaboration, between businesses, organizations and individual sponsors, talented students can get funding starting at €150 per month that is approved by the German government.
  5. RWTH Aachen University Scholarship is a university scholarship. The scholarship is available for both domestic college students and international college students. For you who want to study in this one of 100 Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings, you are able to study hard and register for this RWTH Aachen University Scholarship.

Those are the German scholarship for you who want to study German Literature in Germany. Which one of those scholarships you are interested in registering?

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